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Information for investors

At Razuna our goal is to give everyone the ability to easily collaborate, share and manage documents, videos, images, or audio files. We have achieved this goal with Razuna. There is a strong demand for our digital asset management solution - 60.000 downloads as of September 2011.

Want to help us grow?

We are currently looking for further investment for Razuna. If you are looking for people that know what they are doing and want to support them, then get in contact with us.

USA: +1 (650) 515-3450
UK: +44 20 8144 0412
CH: +41 44 586 11 28


Current investment

Razuna has been founded and financed by Nitai Aventaggiato.

Razuna walkthrough webinar

Attend a live product demo and see for yourself what Razuna can do for you and your team.

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Need help?

Check out our Support Plans - We help with any kind of deployment.

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